Based in Malaysia, our team at OMNIVORI  has dedicated ourselves into pet nutrition research. Every day, we are continuously exploring and developing healthier organic alternatives for beloved pets all over the world.

We know that what goes into our grubs will go into your pets, that’s why we take careful measures in ensuring that your pet gets the best from our grubs. Through ongoing research on our grubs’ diets, we aim to raise protein levels and reduce ash content so that your pets can get the most wholesome nutrients possible from OMNIVORI gourmet grub treats.

At the same time we’re also looking at developing our grubs into human food-grade snacks in the near future. It’s going to be delicious, we promise.

Our end goal is to make entomophagy – eating insects, mainstream in the next 3 years.

OMNIVORI grubs are fed purely on organic produce sourced directly from organic vegetable farms, making them fresher, tastier, and more nutrient-packed compared to conventional insect feeders such as mealworms and crickets.