Hedgehogs are picky eaters and. In the wild, their diet consists of practically anything – from insects and slugs to baby mice, small snakes, eggs, worms and so on.  Pet hedgehogs, on the other hand, need a well-balanced diet that is high in protein. Feeding your pet depends on their metabolism and how active they are.

A nutritious diet ensures that you will a have happy and healthy companion for many years. The primary portion of your hedgehog’s diet should be dry food – meat or chicken – even dry cat food is an acceptable alternative.  Apart from that, small amounts of fruit and vegetables like corn, carrots and apples should also be added into their diets.

However, a better and perhaps more ideal alternative, is to consider feeding your hedgehog insects like crickets, mealworms, or fly larvae which are good sources of protein.  Black Soldier Fly larvae have the added benefit of improving overall health, particularly hedgehogs’ skin and fur, boosting appetite and the immune system as well as having a positive impact on weight management.

By harvesting and incorporating these larvae into our Roast Grubs, we ensure that your hedgehog’s diet includes not just the essential nutrients and proteins in a single delicious meal, but much, much more.

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