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Hello everyone,

We are OMNIVORI and our final goal is to end world hunger via a thorough reform of how society thinks about food. We are confident that this vision is achievable, and we acknowledge that we cannot do it alone.

We live in an era where almost nothing is impossible – and yet, poverty is still persistent in many countries. Before we go further in explaining the vision of founding OMNIVORI, we’d like to introduce ourselves properly so you know that behind this computer screen, we are real people who are pulling all-nighters to make this work.

OMNIVORI was initially founded together by 3 best friends, to benefit beloved pets like hamsters, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, bearded dragons, chickens, etc.

We introduced OMNI Grub into the market – the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly.

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Wait… How Do You Go From Making Pet Food To Wanting To Ending World Hunger?

What is OMNIVORI’s motivation?

Well, there is an urgent need to look into the nutrition of small mammals. Even though small animals like hamsters, hedgehogs, and sugar gliders are some of the most popular pets in the world, it seems that most of the budget and attention of the pet industry is spent on improving diets for cats and dogs.

OMNIVORI was founded because we realize that many small animals in captivity are subject to malnutrition.

Not only there isn’t a variety for the owners to choose from; the only pre-packed dried insect available in our local pet shops are dried mealworms, which are the equivalent of ‘chips’ or ‘double cheeseburgers’ in the world of small animals.

Mealworms lack all the important micronutrients that are essential for the long-term growth and health of pets. Hence, it’s become a very common issue for small mammals and reptiles in captivity to suffer from Metabolic Bone Diseases due to lack of calcium in their diet.

hamster eating

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We did not want to accept this as a norm. ‘This’ – referring to small animals dying in human care due to lack of variety of products on pet store shelves. So we’ve been researching every single day  to create the most nutritious OMNI Grub for our pets.

We spent the whole month obsessing over the details of our OMNI Grub – and our efforts did not go to waste. The nutritional composition balance of the OMNI Grub surpasses all available insect feeders like crickets, mealworms, and even roaches.

Cool stuff!

So what then, triggered our bubbling urge inside to solve world hunger?

You see, we came across several articles highlighting the plights of Venezuela, Syria, Pakistan, etc. There is a shortage of food, and many of the citizens of these countries are forced to survive by foraging the cities to survive.

The news we read states that people had to eat rats as food. It completely broke our hearts.

Why are we looking into those countries while we should be taking care of our own first?

We are taking care of our own country. Don’t worry.

Malaysia has the lowest poverty rate in Southeast Asia, with only less than 3% of our population living below the poverty line. Even so, our country does not suffer from food shortage due to the many food banks and NGOs actively helping these people in need.

So yes, why are we looking into those countries? Here are the simple reasons:

  • They have no food
  • The children have no food
  • The babies have no food
  • The number of people who care is equivalent to a drop in a bucket compared to the number of mouths who need to eat


We’re not saying nobody cares.

We’re saying that we want to be a part of the ones who do.


There are already many efforts invested in helping these countries.

And we’re saying that we’re in.

Point taken, what is your idea?

OMNIVORI is in the business of bugs. Thanks to channels like National Geographic, Discovery, Business Insider,, and all kinds of media…

… the idea of people eating bugs as food is picking up around the world (very slowly, but very surely).

We can go ahead and explain about all the statistics and benefits of consuming bugs, but we will not. These facts are easily available on Google, and we’re sure that if you’ve read up to this point of our loooooong introduction post, you are already aware of the trend.

So here we go.

It is much, much, much more affordable and efficient to raise bugs as food versus raising conventional meat like fish, chicken, and beef. That’s why we are looking into producing human food-grade OMNI Grubs by the tons and have them processed (dried or powdered) to be shipped to these countries as food.

Shipping chicken, fish, and beef by the tonnes to these countries will cost a bomb and they have disappointingly short shelf lives. Moreover, these meats cost 20x more than grubs if we compared them side by side.

When you put the cost and logistics in the equation, our OMNI Grubs is the most logical solution to end the hunger problem.

What makes you so confident you can do it?

We are confident with this goal and vision, because our farms are situated in Malaysia. Our country may be small, but let us tell you why we can do so much more:

  • Malaysia is situated right on the equator – we have the perfect climate to raise OMNI Grubs all year round.
  • Malaysia is FREE from deadly natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, hurricanes, etc – these things will not affect our production. Here’s the evidence:
  • Our cost of production and shipping is lower when you peg the Malaysian Ringgit against the US Dollar.

We’re sold. What Kind Of Support Do You Need From Us?

We’re sold. What Kind Of Support Do You Need From Us?

All the eyeballs we can get.
We need as many people as we can, whether in Malaysia or not, to help in getting our cause as far and wide as we possibly can.
Awareness, shares, engagement, features.

We understand that we have just begun our journey, and we cannot save the world on our own effort alone.
So here we are, appealing for your attention to consider our cause.

Together, we can.

sugar glider starving

What To Expect From Now?

Product awareness is still top – after all, it’s a battle of perception when it comes to bugs. We will be taking the opportunity to educate everyone about our products, and we definitely will be posting our entrepreneurial journey here.

We are so grateful you took the time to read it all the way until the end.

Let’s put Malaysia on the map AGAIN by solving world hunger, one step at a time.
Beginning with making better choices for your small pets.

Each packet you purchase online or off the shelves in pet stores helps us immensely in our cause to overcome world hunger.